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Jarvit  by  April Day

Jarvit by April Day
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Jarvit is appalled to learn his errand, delivering scrolls for his master, is intended to send him to his death. Jarvit is taken captive by the powerful and evil archimage Lord D’Braggatio. Then, befriended by the maid Silva, he discovers he has a mystic connection with Lady Mabina D’Braggatio. But it is the voice in his head that disturbs him most.Tiatra is an elderly Executioner of the Will of the Worthy a faith without its spiritual leader, the Hearer.

When an Interpreter from the Great House of Listening comes to her for help she leaves her home of forty years in order to save the faith. Tiatra finds that she must find the girl who is the true Hearer in order to overcome Lord D’Braggatio’s determination to destroy all she loves and believes in.

But her path challenges everything she knows and leads her to a boy.Through many trials and with the help of friends he gains along the way, Jarvit searches for his true identity and his place in the puzzle. Discovering old magic and dark magic Jarvit learns about life, loyalty and sacrifice. How can a fifteen year old boy overcome a mighty warlock, save a faith and contend with gods?

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